Who am I?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mieke, I'll be 48 next summer, I have 3 wonderful daughters and a loving husband!

Sounds like a fairytale, no? Well, it hasn't always been like that ....

Due to a trauma when I was 7, I have no memories of my childhood. My adolescence was far from glorious, that's why I left home far too young to settle with my first love. We've got a wonderful daughter when I was 22 but my marriage was not going well. After 4 years of ups and downs I got divorced. The period that followed was one full of worries and health problems.

The road was long and hard but the years with my second husband and the fact that I was blessed with 2 more healthy daughters, made it all worthwhile!

Nevertheless, I hit a wall again a couple of years ago, this time on the work field. Going to work each day, with a pit in your stomach, makes you sick! An article in the "Happinez" magazine was a wake-up call for me! The question was: if you are lying on your deathbed and you look back at your life, what do you see?

Wow, what an eye-opener! I've paid invoices and juggled with budgets most of my working life! There is nothing wrong with that of course, but suddenly I've been hit by the BIG questions of life! Is this it? Why am I here on earth? How can I make something useful out of my life? What will people say on my funeral?

"Wisdom comes with age", my mom used to say and indeed with time you learn to put things into perspective (such a cliché!). But really, there has to be more than that no? I want to give meaning to life, meaning to others!

I used to teach in my early career and that gave me huge satisfaction. Helping out others, that is what I want! Time flies so it was time for action! I started to work part-time, subscribed to a course of Mindfulness, took some other courses on personal development and psychology and a year later I'm ready to share some things with you.

So do come and have a look! It's about time that, besides your body, you also pay a little attention to your mind. And please, be a bit kinder to yourself!