Qi-gong is an old oriental form of movement that ensures a good balance between body and mind. You pronounce it as Tchi-kong. I see it as a dynamic kind of meditation.

Qi-gong is about 3 conscious corrections: the correction of your posture, your breathing and your awareness.

1. Good posture is one of the most important components of qi-gong. Poor posture leads to blockages, so the energy can't flow well through your body. Different qi-gong exercises focus on improving your posture but in a conscious way. If you are taking a certain qi-gong posture, don't think about how your posture is. Focus on how your energy is balanced. It's a matter of practicing. The more you try it, the easier it gets as long as you stay conscious of your movements.

2. Breathing in a good way is the second step. This is for most people difficult as we are used to breathing over the years in a certain way and it's not easy to change that.
Qi-gong uses the abdominal breathing: as you inhale (deeply) your belly should expand and as you exhale (soft and easy) your belly should contract. You will notice that normally you don't breathe naturally through your belly but as you will pay attention to your breathing, you can change that.

3. Close your eyes for a few minutes and concentrate on your thoughts. Probably they go everywhere! From work, to the dishes; from a problem with your child at school, to a birthday to organize; from the gardening you have to do, to the meal you will prepare tonight. These thoughts cause most of the time some tension. Especially if you can't let them go. Qi-gong is asking you to let go and consciously stay in the present moment. This allows you to lower your stress level and focus on the now: the moment you are consciously relaxing. Try, as you do an exercise, to block all thoughts that have nothing to do with qi-gong. In the beginning you will think: 'This is not working because now I can only think about blocking my thoughts'. Be patient! The more you practice, the easier it gets until you reach a moment where your thoughts will be totally gone.

Once you know the areas requiring your attention, it's time to put things into practice. Qi-gong has hundreds of exercises from where I've put one on my website so you can start.

Keep practicing! Qi-gong can be done at different levels but as long as you keep practicing it will get better and better!